Nutritional Therapy

Many chronic conditions, as well as day-to-day fluctuations in health and well-being, can be connected back to an individual's nutrition status and lifestyle. Quite often, people see clear improvements in their health after implementing dietary changes.

Nutritional Therapists work with food, supplements and, where necessary, functional testing, to search for the underlying issues impacting upon optimal health.

Crepes and Blackberries

Who could benefit?

Are you feeling anxious, worried or suffering with low mood? Are you more tired than usual? Do you have digestive symptoms such as bloating or gas? 

Maybe you're just not feeling as well as you could and you're not sure why.

Do you want to lose weight? Are you worried that your diet may not be providing all the nutrients your body needs?

Do you have other concerns about your diet and nutrition status?

Areas of interest

I am especially interested in working with people who feel worried, suffer with anxiety, low mood, fatigue, gut and digestive wellness and skin conditions. However, I am also able to support you with a wide range of issues including inflammation, immunity, auto-immunity, joint issues and more.

Body systems supported by Nutritional Therapy




Integumentary (skin, hair, nails)




Fruits and Vegetables

Nutritional consultations are either held in my office in Winston, face-to-face (it's always lovely to meet a client in person)


via video conference, depending upon client location, needs etc. 

Fresh Kale

A Nutritional Therapist has a recognised qualification in Nutritional Therapy. NT's mainly work in private practice, creating personalised health optimisation plans, utilising diet and lifestyle to support a person in achieving their health goals. When taking advice from a Nutritional Therapist it is advisable to check that they are appropriately qualified and registered with a regulated governing body. 

A Dietitian generally works in the NHS within the traditional medical model, having a degree in dietetics.

Nutritional Therapist vs Dietitian.